A tour of academic-publications.com

For Readers

Academic Publications dashboard. Gives the user a summary of his account status, one time purchases, library, saved work, subscriptions and invoices.

Great tools for research

We have some great tools to aid in your research. Highlights, notes and bookmarks gives you the chance to customize each publication to help in your research. Everything is saved to your account.

One time purchases

Users don't have to subscribe to access a whole publication. If a user wishes to access only a single title he can use the one time purchase option. This gives the user permanent access to that title. The purchased title is saved in the users account under the one time purchases tab.


Users can subscribe to one of our subscription levels. The user is billed monthly without any long term commitments. As long as payments are up to date the user receives full access to all the publications in his current subscription level and below. For example, an essay subscription will give the user access to free and essay level publications. An academic subscription will give the user access to all publications on the website.

My work & user library

All highlights, bookmarks and notes are saved in the my work tab of the users account. The user can access his bookmarked publications, highlights and notes with ease. The user can save any publication to his personal library.