What is Academic-Publications.com?

Our goal is to help anyone and everyone publish their academic resources in the online environment.

How to get started?

It's very simple. You can publish your own material in a couple of minutes. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Of course. Create an account. It takes under 60 seconds.
  • From your account, upload your publication in a PDF file. We only accept PDF.
  • Wait. We'll contact you after we revise your publication.

What next?

After we accept your publication it will receive a grade, depending on the content. Your publication will be graded by length, pagination, references and overall writing style. We cannot and will not grade the quality of the actual content because...we can't and we don't know everything. The author is solely responsible for the content of the publication.

How will i benefit from uploading my work?

Simple. All authors / publishers receive 70% of all website income. Income is generated from active user subscriptions and publication one time orders. Publishers can withdraw their account balance to their PayPal account anytime they please. As long as they have more than $10.00 USD in their account.

How can i track my income?

From your account. You'll have access to charts, statistics and other tools to help you track publication views, subscriptions and one time orders. At the moment you can track your income from your account balance page. We're still working on the charts.

Publication format

Your publications will be available only in online format. No downloading. We use HTML to display them. Take a look at existing publications to see what we're talking about. We are going to add functions such as printing, text highlighting and notes. At the moment you can only search and leave bookmarks. We would like to thank pdf2htmlEX's author coolwanglu for providing such a great conversion tool.

Try us out. It's free and you have nothing to lose!

Give it a try. Nothing bad can happen. Publish your work with us and who knows what the future holds.