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By using this website and it's services you agree to the following terms and conditions.

This agreement is between and it's users.

1. Content's content is user generated. We cannot and will not be held responsible for the accuracy of publication content and their scientific validity. The author is the only person responsible for the publication content. grades and accepts each publication based on content length and overall writing style. We will check publications for offensive content but cannot guarantee we will be able to filter out 100% of publications. The user should report any such material by contacting

2. Publication details

Publishers are given control over publication details such as title, author, category, one time purchase price, isbn, language, and description. The publisher should fill in these details after submitting. However, we do reserve the right of filling in these details for the publisher if he fails to do so and the publication is accepted and processed. In the prior mentioned case publication description and details will be extracted from the publication itself. The publisher can edit the publication details anytime.

3. Subscriptions

We have four grades that represent a subscription level. Free, Essay, Professional and Academic level publications. A user can view part of any publication without subscribing, purchasing or creating an account. Part of the publication is defined as 10% of total publication length. To view the whole Free publication a user must be registered on our website. If a user has an active subscription that subscription gives the user access to any publication graded below or equal to that subscription level. For a subscription to remain active it must be renewed each month.

4. One time purchases

One time purchase prices ar user set. these prices represent the amount introduced by the publisher for a one time purchase. reserves the right to modify these prices without notice. We reserve the right to add any taxes required by law to these prices. A one time purchase grants the buyer full access to that publication and only to that publication. Publishers receive 70% standard or upward (if there is a signed contract and agreement between the publisher and from the net value of each publication.

5. Publication refusal reserves the right to accept or decline any publication without any explanation or prior notice.

6. Publication format

Publications are accessible only in online HTML format. Publications are viewable on all HTML5 compatible browsers and systems. Publications cannot be downloaded or viewed offline. Once a publication is fully accessible to a user in HTML format we cannot guarantee it will not be copied. There is no way to protect HTML output once on the internet. Publishers must accept this fact before publishing their material. We cannot be held responsible for publications or part of publications being copied by users.

7. Payments to publishers or users with active publications

Publishers will be paid by in the following cases. 70% of active subscriptions and one time purchases will be paid to the publishers. 70% of active subscriptions (received in the current month) will be divided to each publisher according to total number of active publishers with active publications. This amount will be paid once a month to the publishers account. For one time purchases the publishers account will be automatically credited once a day with the amount received from daily sales. The amount credited for one time purchases is calculated as described in paragraph 4. The publisher chooses when to withdraw his account balance to PayPal. Upon account balance withdrawal any payment processor fees or additiional charges are supported by the publisher. Currently, the only way we pay our publishers is by PayPal. Publishers must have a PayPal account.

8. Prices

All our prices include our national VAT. For users in the European Union that have a valid VAT number we will automatically subtract our countries VAT.

9. Refunds & termination of subscriptions

We do not offer refunds for any of our services or products. Subscriptions can be terminated any time from the user account. If a subscription is terminated before its billing date no refund or partial refund will be given. We recommend our users to terminate subscriptions only on the billing date to avoid loss of any partially paid access to our active products. There are no cancellation fees and cancellation is immediate.

10. Special offers & bonuses

Special offers or bonuses only apply to users that do not have special financial advantages. Users or publishers that receive more than the standard 70% of proceeds are not eligible to receive other financial bonuses or special offers.

11. Privacy policy

We do not store any sensitive financial information on our servers. For all payments we use PayPal or other industry certified payment processors. We will not sell or disclose any information submitted on our website to any third party, except if required by law enforcement agencies. We will not publish, disclose or sell any material submitted on this website to any other third party. No material published with us will be printed in any form by All material submitted will be available only in electronic format. We cannot be held responsible for loss of data as a result of illegal user activity or attacks on our website.

These terms can be subject to change without prior notice.

Happy publishing!