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The Eighteenth Century And The Rise Of The English Novel
Author: Mariwan N H Barzinji
Publisher: Hasan Mariwan
4 pages
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Language: English
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: It is not by chance that the English Novel dates ba ck to the Eighteenth century. This does not imply t hat nothing existed in the form of a novel before 1700. Then, D aniel Defoe made novel come to existence, completel y. Nothing comes from nothing, even the greatest masterpieces of lit erature starts off from what was available from the previous eras. The novelist in the Eighteenth century had on one hand, the medieval romance and its successors; the courtly novel of Italy and France and the English stories. The Sixteenth and S eventeenth centuries were developed and grown out o f some important sources: Lyly’s Euphues, Sidney’s Arcadia and Green’s Menaphon. On the other hand, the rogue novels and the Picar esque tradition were two other significant factors to the rise of the English Novel. Certain other factors w ere helpful to the rise of the English novel; from them; translations from the cla ssics such as The Golden Ass of Petronius , Boccaccio as well as the authorized version of the Bible.

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