A Visual Approach To Poetry Analysis

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A Visual Approach To Poetry Analysis
Author: Mariwan N H Barzinji
Publisher: Hasan Mariwan
11 pages
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Language: English
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: To help students find delight and rational inspiration in verse, teachers might utilize numerous metho ds. Firstly, an introduction may be given on the course by extent they think reading and studying poetry is significant. The lecturer must engage the entire students, particularly the reluctant students; the technique of visualizingthey see the exact link between the text and the images; the images are not al one butimages and symbols, this is what can be seen as one of the significant outcomes of this approach After that, each student can understand the poem via this technique. Then the teacher ma y read the poem and show the images that can explain the poem, at the same time. This will facilitate the difficult task of the students. This procedure supports students to learn the traditional things t epoetry, though time providing pleasure for the stud ent simultaneously.

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